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Enlarged bed - Freda's Garden

Enlarging Flower Beds in the Orchard

It’s be a wonderful year of openings. I’ve had 26 in total, including two photoshoots and 3 large garden openings!

Now my openings for the year have come to an end, I am beginning to plan some changes for the garden.  To start with I am enlarging two of the beds in the Orchard and making them a lot bigger.

I extended these two beds to maker a bigger impact in the orchard as I felt they were too narrow. These plants I have put in these areas are: Arum Lily, Nandina Domestica (Magical Sunrise), Heuchera (Midnight Ruffle), Cordyline, Weigela (Summer Red), Virburnum (Dawn), Virburnum (Gold) and Abelia (Edward Goucher)

I have finished now but will have to keep them well watered over the next few months. I am rather pleased with the results.

My plan now is to have a very long pergola built at the end of the orchard and to cover it with 5 large climbing plants. I’m really excited about this!!

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Replanting New Beds (August update)

Last week I replanted 2 beds in the garden that had red geraniums in as they were looking really tired so I’ve taken them out and put new plants in.

I’ve put the geraniums that are still ok into the greenhouse And will try and keep them going until next year.

I think the beds look better now.

I have since added a bit more colour.

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Added a new bed to Orchard

It was bothering me for a while, the empty patch at the back of the Orchard, so earlier this month I decided it was time to add a bit of interest and colour to the area.

The area before:

After clearing the area and plotting out the bed, I chose the following plants:

  • Viburnum
  • Buddleja candy pink and sky blue
  • Lobelia
  • Achillea violet and pink
  • Penstemon red and violet
  • Sweet William


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