Enlarged bed - Freda's Garden

Enlarging Flower Beds in the Orchard

It’s be a wonderful year of openings. I’ve had 26 in total, including two photoshoots and 3 large garden openings!

Now my openings for the year have come to an end, I am beginning to plan some changes for the garden.  To start with I am enlarging two of the beds in the Orchard and making them a lot bigger.

I extended these two beds to maker a bigger impact in the orchard as I felt they were too narrow. These plants I have put in these areas are: Arum Lily, Nandina Domestica (Magical Sunrise), Heuchera (Midnight Ruffle), Cordyline, Weigela (Summer Red), Virburnum (Dawn), Virburnum (Gold) and Abelia (Edward Goucher)

I have finished now but will have to keep them well watered over the next few months. I am rather pleased with the results.

My plan now is to have a very long pergola built at the end of the orchard and to cover it with 5 large climbing plants. I’m really excited about this!!

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